Is Your Management Style Hurting Your Retention of Top-Performing IT Talent


If you’re experiencing a high turnover of top talent, at some point, you’ve likely looked around and wondered, “Is it my style?” It’s worth looking at where things might be less than you’d like. Here are some places to start.


Do you explain?

A good manager explains the expectations and the reasons behind decisions. They will also take the time to explain the project and the why and how. This sets up the commitments to the team and from the team. Do you keep those commitments? Does everyone understand their role and the team needs?


Do you sell the vision?

Good managers paint the picture for the team, but they allow the team to bring their own intellect, creativity, and passion into the project. Selling the vision convincingly allows each team member to believe in their growth during the project.


Do you involve the team in decisions?

If they’ve got skin in the game, they stay in the game. Teams who are invested in the decision-making process are more vested. Younger team members especially need to feel they are encouraged to have a voice in project decisions and that management cares about them and their ideas.


Are you a good coach?

Eventually, everyone runs into something that requires a bit of coaching. But remember what it means to coach; it’s not just the corrective response, but an investment in training and praise. Do you celebrate accomplishments? Do you help team members feel as though they’ve grown during their time on the team? A good manager offers chances to invest in skill development for team members by gradually increasing responsibilities.


Do you motivate and lead?

Good managers keep the motivation up by recognizing team accomplishments and celebrating both small victories and large ones. A quick word of thanks, a bonus or a lunch out can go a long way in making people feel accomplished. Lead with vision and direction, but room for listening and improvement, and encourage the team to thank each other. This makes a supportive environment that team members cherish.


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