5 IT Skills You Can Easily Learn to Boost Your Resume


Looking to add some more skills to your resume, and maybe, by doing so, generate some new career paths? It can take many hours to boost a resume with the latest tech skills, but we’ve found five skills you can gain quickly in a pinch. Here’s a look!


1. Make Attractive Web Design/Development

So many companies have job listings referencing “web development” or “web design.” a strong grounding in good GUI and good design will make you more appealing out in the workforce. Especially impressive to recruiters is the ability to see the code from the viewpoint of the average user. There are more resources out there than you can shake a stick at to get further along in your progress here.


2. Speak Data Analysis/Stats

Want to really impress people with just a concentrated effort? Pick up Mini-tab or R. The big data wave is on us and many more companies across many sectors are looking for someone who has skills in data analysis and statistics, so they can make better decisions on moving the company forward and keeping up with trends across their own products. Khan Academy is a great place to start to add some stats to your resume.


3. Get Comfy in the Cloud

Where are you going to manage the amount of data you’ll be crunching using R? In the cloud. For a variety of reasons, including better and more storage, greater access from many locations and real-time solutions, cloud-based computing has become an industry standard. If you’re looking to get more comfortable, turn to ALISON.com for free access and introductory information in cloud computing. This will do wonders for the CRM portion of your resume.


4. Ah, the Office Suite

You may not have had to use Excel or PowerPoint before, but becoming an expert-level user makes it much more attractive to PMs and stakeholders to know you will be using these tools to communicate and report metrics to CEOs and clients. It doesn’t hurt to be able to list these and give yourself an in to talk about your ability to speak to different levels in the business.


5. Spell Out the Coding

Remember that web design bit? Talk about CSS and Java and HTML explicitly. These are handy skills for being able to cross sectors as part of a team. If you can understand why the CSS works the way it does, you’re likely to do better working with the deployment and end-user teams, and that’s important. In fact, some of the preferred platforms (we’re looking at you WordPress) are more accessible and easily navigated if you can manage the addition of CSS or Java. There are tutorials all over the place for making these skills a part of the next version of your resume.


Work With a Top IT Recruiter

Adding a few quick skills to back up your great resume can’t hurt, and these skills will make recruiters give you a second glance. Want proof? Take a look at some of our current openings, and then contact us to get started today!

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