How to Stay Motivated From One IT Contract to the Next


Your last contract ended, but you’ve got a great recruiter who already has you in front of companies that are taking your career to the next level. Unfortunately, it may take a month or more to land and start at your next role. How do you stay sane and amped?


Laugh, a Lot

This you’ve got time on your hands, and sanity to keep, so work on your pop culture references and your social skills. Get out of the house. See people and spend time in new locations, even if you are polishing up new skills at a different coffee shop. Binge watch something. Make your off-time quality time with friends and family, and let some of the pressure go. Indulge in comedy or things that make you happier.


Don’t Forget Your Body’s Needs

Exercise and good food have become the hottest topics in research as we figure out the gut/brain and body/brain connection. Recent research has even indicated that exercise was as effective as medication against depression. Imagine how great you will feel, and how little time you’ll have to worry if you’re focused on how many reps you can do on the leg press. Focusing on what your senses are experiencing brings you back into the moment when things are out of your hands temporarily.


Keep a Schedule

Routine calms your mind and keeps you tuned up for the next phase gig. Wake up at the same time, eat breakfast and read the paper. Make your routine something that works for you and your life, but make a routine, don’t just go willy-nilly through the day. Utilize the to-do lists and project goals you are comfortable with, and take this opportunity to wrap up projects you’ve had on your desk, or the fridge, for a while.


Remember the Reason

That bank account is likely a bit higher because you are a contractor or consultant or freelancer than it would be if you punched a clock at the office every day. Stay focused on the amazing skills and earning potential you have because of these short lags.


Keep Growing

Take a class, learn a new skill, relentlessly pursue a hobby/talent. Don’t let your mind and skill become fallow ground; make it a cultivated garden. The time will pass either with something to show or without.


Work With a Top IT Recruiter

While the wait between spots can be boredom inducing, there are so many options to power through. Make the best use of your time and stay on target while that next position matures. Consultant Specialists is in the business of making your next contract your best contract. Start by searching some of our openings, and then contact us to for the next phase of your career.

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