Why Allowing Your Employees to Work Remotely Could Have a Positive Effect on Their Productivity


Telecommuting isn’t a new concept, but if you’re looking to have happier and more productive employees while cutting costs, you can push some breakthroughs by encouraging the telecommute. This staple of IT is still around for good reasons.


Fewer Distractions

Whether it’s gathering for Sam’s birthday cake in the breakroom or an unexpected client pop-in, distractions happen. When employees can work from home, they reduce their likelihood of bumping into unexpected distractions that can interrupt workflow and make them less successful.


Fewer Absences and Weather Delays

If baseball players could work from home, we’d have virtually no rain delays. When an AM headache might encourage a call-in, telecommuters are more likely to just dim the lights and put a wet cloth on their foreheads and power through. Why? Because they want to be great employees so they can protect the right to work from home. Those commutes and complaints about lost time and lost gas money are virtually eliminated when folks work from home. It’s like an instant raise that costs you next to nothing; everyone appreciates that.


Tech People Can Use Tech


VPN and video meetings are not the slightest bit intimidating to the tech crowd. In fact, without the stress of the highway time, the idea of sitting in front of a webcam is nothing. With all the current tools available, from chats to filesharing, working with a team from a home office is a piece of cake.


No Geographic Boundaries Mean You Can Hire the Best

With no need to consider relocation or a commuting distance, this opens up your hiring process to the best of the best, regardless of physical location. You may still want to meet the candidates face to face, but you no longer have to worry about just choosing from a local pool.


Happier employees make for more productive employees who are willing to go just a little further to hit deadlines and make magic. While working from home is not the right solution for everyone, evaluating on a case by case basis is worth it.

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