Keys to Success During Your Next Information Security Job Search


With the recent rise in ransomware attacks, hacks, leaks and bot invasions, cybersecurity is transforming at record speeds, even by IT standards. How can you find success hunting for your next position in a constantly evolving career sector?


The Home Lab

Sometimes attacks are sophisticated, foreign-backed, master-level attacks. Sometimes attacks are more underground and low-tech. Either way, the back alleys of the darknet and tools readily available through open source software will get you positioned to anticipate what’s coming next. In security, getting there first is most of the battle. If you can demonstrate knowledge of how to manage previous incidents and find quick solutions to lock down environments, you will impress potential employers. There are forums dedicated to catching the next wave before it happens; getting to know the professionals in those forums and having the same toys they do, goes a long way in networking toward open positions.



In-demand certifications will never go out of style as a way to match with a great opportunity. Advanced certifications (CISSP, CISM, and GSLC) bump your resume to the top of a recruiter’s pile because often they have a wish list of qualifications for the perfect candidate. Be specific about any extra training or incident response experience you’ve had, too. It may not be a fit for the advertised opportunity, but it’s sure to get your resume pulled aside for the unadvertised opening.


Read and Talk

Read about current trends and topics in security to stay on top of this fast-moving cycle, or better yet, comment and interact with other security professionals. Getting your name out there and cementing a solid reputation goes a long way with the information security crowd. Ask questions and be willing to learn from those who have faced issues you haven’t yet faced. The security community shares information about how big attacks happen because of the interconnectedness of individual companies. A weak link in one often creates a breach in the wall for everyone.


Work With a Top IT Recruiter

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