Are You an Approachable Project Manager?


You walk into a room and the conversation stops; you have no idea your star employee got divorced two months ago. You have a problem with approachability. You don’t need to be everyone’s best friend to manage a team effectively, but you don’t want to be the last person they call. Be more approachable by utilizing these tips:


  1. Literally, leave the door open. 

    It’s part psychology and part practicality. People see a closed door as a sign to not bother someone and privacy is requested; that doesn’t exactly create warm fuzzies with the folks you are trying to support and guide. It’s also a practical issue; an open door means you can hear progress — and problems — as they happen. Being on the spot means you can offer feedback and suggestions faster. Your door should be open far more than it is closed.

  2. Remember to ask about their weekends.

    You don’t have to wade knee deep into the politics of their son’s travel baseball team, but asking about their lives means you get to know your employees and makes them feel more valued. A liked and valued person is far more likely to perform for you than one who feels isolated and disliked.

  3. Be realistic and set up for success.

    Smart goals and savvy timelines make it easier to make employees shine. State instructions and expectations clearly, and don’t forget to leave room for questions and unexpected things that pop up.

  4. Be willing to hear bad news.

    We wish all news was good, but avoiding the bad news only means the problems don’t get addressed. Take team spirit to heart and be willing to hear what you would rather not so your team will come to you before little problems become big ones or even if they encounter a giant hurdle. You can’t fix what you don’t know about. Listen carefully, too, because these folks are the ones in the trenches; they may see things you can’t.

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