How to Prepare for Your First Contract Assignment


First dates, first loves, first day of school; firsts are always memorable. If you are starting on your first contract assignment, here are a couple of ways to make it a great first.


Research the company.

Successful first assignments start with a little background work. By now you likely know the 3,000-foot view stuff — what the company does and some of its products or services — but now is the time to read some industry articles. Show up on your first day having read the company’s website and investor information. Scour the web for any press releases or industry information. Prepare yourself with as much background information as possible, and it will help everything you learn sink in faster and more firmly.


Take the time to get settled in with your new co-workers.

Just as important getting to know the company is getting to know your co-workers. These are the people you will be spending much of your day giving and receiving support. This is your network, and when you move from this assignment, these are the people who can help you meet and greet and form your greater connections. Not to mention, when you are lost, it’s nice to be able to ask Tim three cubes down where the vending machine is. Work to remember names, interests, skills, and faces. Don’t worry; no one expects you to have them all on the very first day, but sooner is better than later.


Work With a Top IT Recruiter

You can set yourself up for a great start at your first contract assignment with just a little effort. Why not go above and beyond? It’s time to go from good to great; we understand what that takes. Consultant Specialists, Inc. will equip you with for success. Contact one of our professional recruiters to get started.

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