How to Effectively Communicate With Your Technology Recruiter


YES! The position of your dreams just skipped right up to the top of that posting email! But, not so fast, the recruiter at the firm has 250 applicants; how are you going to get noticed?


Social Media Works for Sharing More Than Kitten Memes

More and more recruiters, in fact an astounding 70-90 percent, either use or plan to increase use of social media platforms to connect with candidates. Now, these HR folks are going to be on lots of platforms, but don’t fill up their Instagram with pictures of your resume on the backdrop of your interview suit while simultaneously @mentioning them on Twitter every five minutes. Pick one platform and stay within the bounds of decorum to make a good impression. Consider social media a whole new type of screening interview.


Don’t Be Creepy

It can feel weird to send a cold email or a cold LinkedIn request, so find something you have in common and make a reference to it. Nobody wants to hire the person who mentions you both went to Disneyland when you were six and your moms are both redheads. Don’t come on too strong or too desperate.


Read the Job Description Carefully

Detail work pays off here. Make sure you highlight your qualifications and match those to the job piece by piece. In all your communication with the recruiter, make sure it’s tailored and personalized. This seems like a lot of work, but it isn’t. Help the recruiter know which reference matches which skill set, too. When they call, they move your resume closer to the top, faster.


Patience is a Virtue

Yes, it’s been 14 days. That’s about half of the time it can take on average to fill a position. While communication is important (see above), remember silence and pauses are part of effective communication. Don’t bug the recruiter, but don’t go totally radio dark either. Effective follow-up shows your skill with people. A nicely worded, short email after a hiatus or a well done share of a good article will go a long way.


Work With a Top IT Recruiter

With the changing nature of communication due to the rise of social media, it’s more important than ever to have an ally in your corner. Consultant Specialists knows the game and can help you navigate the new rules. Contact us for more assistance.

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