Skills to Add to Your Resume If You’re Looking to Get Into the Banking Industry


Whether you are a new graduate or looking to make a career switch, banking offers a variety of specializations and different paths to the career of your dreams. In the modern banking era, attitudes and aptitudes are changing and creating growth in unexpected ways.


It’s not just finance majors in banking, so don’t get intimidated.

In fact, according to an interview in The Guardian with the head of human resources (global banking) at Citi, Anuranjita Kumar, they are looking for people from all backgrounds from finance to art.


But, it is people with knowledge of finance.

Summer internships, courses, co-ops go a long way to demonstrate your knowledge. Prepare yourself by researching the various roles within financial institutions and what they typically do. Figure out where you want to fit in. Read financial magazines, newspapers and websites. Go to talks and events sponsored by financial institutions and societies.


Don’t undervalue certifications.

Looking for a global-based role? The CFAULK and CISI certifications can be completed in months. Want to stick closer to the U.S. markets? The American Bankers Association has a list of certifications and tools.


Show them the necessary skills.

Hiring managers in finance look for communication skills, the ability to work under pressure and analytical skills. Don’t forget to highlight crucial for most sector skills, like teamwork and leadership. Highlight your involvement in the community with clubs and memberships.


If you are looking to make the leap into a role in banking, you can stand out by calling special attention to your hard skills (things like financial modeling and portfolio analysis), but you’ll go even further if you can call out soft skills (things like roles in groups, awards and leadership responsibilities) when you put together your CV of previous positions and work experience.


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