Are You Looking for IT Jobs in the Right Places?


If you’ve spent some time looking through online ads, the newspaper, and all your networking contacts, and you still haven’t turned up a position that appeals to you; it might be time to look around your neighborhood.

Turn on any house hunting or house flipping show and you’ll hear the number one real estate rule: location trumps almost everything else. If you are looking for a new position, you are more likely to have better luck, according to a list that Forbes compiled, if you take a peek at these California cities/areas:


Number Six on the list is San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City.

With an estimated 72 tech jobs per every 1,000 positions and some of the largest and most well-known social media and search engine companies, like Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as large software companies, like Oracle and Salesforce, this metro area brims with high-profile opportunities.


Number One on the list is San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara.

A whopping 126 tech jobs per every 1,000 positions keeps this area on top of almost every tech job list. Of course, industry leaders Apple, Adobe and eBay help stack the deck for the San Jose statistical area to excel.


Areas rounding out the top four on Forbes’ list: Huntsville; Seattle-Bellevue-Everett; Durham-Chapel Hill; Boulder; DC-Arlington-Alexandria-Maryland-West Virginia; Raleigh-Cary; Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos; and Boston-Cambridge-Quincy. The coasts once again dominate when it comes to the tech industry with an appreciative nod to space hub, Huntsville, the start-up epicenter culture of Boulder, and the business-to-business-driven market in Austin.

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