What Shows Your Value Beyond Skills in Healthcare IT


Information technology in healthcare is a slightly different scene than information technology in many other fields. While straight programming and decent communication lead you pretty far into the depths in the rest of IT, in healthcare, some concrete directions can lead you further down the road. How can you increase your staying power and your desirability?


Really, really, really know HIPPA

Really. A strong background in HIPPA is a huge asset when it comes to differentiating yourself from the other candidates. If you know HIPPA backward and forwards and stay in front of the compliance needs and litigations as it transforms, you give yourself a leg up on the competition who might have a similar skill set, but less regulatory knowledge.

Customers love you

IT doesn’t get off the hook on customer service. In fact, it is a critical component in healthcare IT. The ability to make friends while delivering pleasant, punctual and practical solutions for customers (both internal and external) will create a reputation that shines brightly. In the close-knit circles of healthcare IT, that reputation goes a long way in making your value rise.

Agile and secure, but MUST be compliant

Working inside the framework of agile and secure, delivering compliant and clean solutions will make you a rock star and possibly a character on Grey’s Anatomy next season. Some of the most sought-after skills in healthcare IT are similar to the skills sought in the best physicians: The ability to make change quickly, maintain system security and still work inside the mandated compliance. Here’s a good chance to highlight any style systems you have learned, like LEAN/Agile/Six Sigma.


Want to become a valuable healthcare IT candidate?

If you want to add some numbers to your payday while making yourself a hot commodity, combine the soft skills of customer service with a thorough knowledge of HIPPA and compliance in an agile and secure mindset, and you’ll be highly sought after. If you’re ready to move into your next role, give us a call or drop us some information in our contact form. Consultant Specialists, Inc. is ready to partner with you.

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