Survive the Technical Interview with These Tips.


Have you ever met anyone who said that they loved the technical interview? Yeah, us neither. It’s even more nerve-racking when you have limited work experience to draw on. How do you make it through with some level of confidence (because hiring managers can smell fear)? According to InfoWorld, here are three tips for making the technical interview a little more painless:

  1. Practice and practice and practice.

    Remember when your algebra teacher told you that the only way to do math was with lots of practice and then assigned 3 pages of problems? This is like that, except there’s the potential for money coming your way if you do it. Find a good site where you can practice for 10-20 hours, especially on the topics of algorithms and data structures which are perennial favorites for technical interviewers.

  2. Keep skills up-to-date.

    Whether you’re getting the skills in the workplace or you’re getting them from guides, materials, YouTube, or something else, interviewers won’t know where you acquired your ability. In fact, rarely is a technical interviewer looking for one right answer to an interview question. Often the technical interview is a chance for the interviewer to measure soft skills, like how you talk about a problem or how you think through one, rather than the route and success of a magic bullet answer. Focus on the best qualities of your soft skills and on how you communicate to highlight your strengths.

  3. Review how you write code.

    While the skills may not indicate where you learned, the cleanliness of your code may. This is a perfect opportunity to work with a mentor or read up on the fundamentals so that you get nice, crisp, clean, bug-free code. Remember that the interviewer will see this as a working skill of yours and a QA or Senior Engineer will quite possibly see if your code will run in a simulated production environment. You want your code to blend in and possibly improve what already exists.

Are you sweating over your next interview?

Technical interviews test the power of everyone’s antiperspirant, but there’s no reason to go in without proper preparation. If you want more assistance and to get connected to the right technical team, contact Consultant Specialists, Inc. Experts will help you prep and find the right situation for your skills (which will make getting past that tech interview easier). Contact us today.

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