How do you know if a contract hire is the right choice?


If you’re in charge of a team, a budget, goals, and hiring decisions, you’ve likely wondered when you should make use of a contract hire as opposed to a direct hire. While many factors go into the decision to use a contract agreement instead of a direct hire, here are the three biggest reasons that hiring managers have reported deciding to use a contract hire instead of a direct hire:

  1. Project Specific Skill Set 

    Sometimes a project requires a certain set of skills and knowledge that are outside your team’s normally stellar skills. Usually this is a case where you aren’t certain that you will need a team member with that specific skill after the project is completed and handed over. It makes more sense in this case to contract with a perfect candidate who can bring the skills you need until the end of the project.

  2. Not the Right Time for a Full-time Employee

    Maybe it’s the last few months in your current space, maybe it’s the negotiations around benefits, or maybe it’s in the middle of an acquisition, but regardless of the reason, it’s not the best time to add a full-time employee to your team’s bottom line. Still, you really need another set of hands and you have the budget for the work. That means that it is the perfect time to add a contract employee. The flexibility of contracting allows you to manage the terms of employment to fit the situation.

  3. Need More Information Before You Move Forward

    You’ve thought about adding another team member for some time, but you aren’t sure if you’ve picked the right position or are asking for the right skills. You’re worried that you aren’t adding to the right team or it might not be the right place in the team. A contract hire is the right way to go so you can try out your solution before committing to it. If it works the way you want it, you have the option to convert the contract on your terms. If it doesn’t work the way you planned, you can move things around until you have the right results.

Are you still on the fence about whether a contract hire is right for you?

Consultant Specialists, Inc. will match you with the best options and give you guidance on the steps needed to get the process started if you choose to seek a contract employee. If you have questions, contact us today.

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