Get There Faster by Using a Recruiter


It’s that time; no, not just time for summer vacation, but time to think about where you are on your career journey. Is this the spot where you want to be? If the answer to that is anything other than a resounding “absolutely,” then it’s time to take your next step. Want to get there faster and with less effort? Then talk to a recruiter. Why?

  1. Recruiters offer jobs with the best partners.

Whether it’s an employer in security, health informatics, finance, or any other IT field, recruiters work hard to maintain relationships with the best employers in the field. Often, recruiters have jobs at their fingertips that haven’t even been posted yet.

  1. No haggling over benefits.

Recruiters can tell you what is and isn’t included in their benefits package before you go through the stress of interviewing. At Consultant Specialists, for instance, we offer medical (health, dental, vision), sick days (CA), and 401(k) after minimum time.

  1. You already know the compensation will be competitive.

Recruiters have a broader knowledge of salaries to reference, so they know the insider information about who’s making what and can help you negotiate for a better deal.

  1. You aren’t applying for just ONE position.

A recruiter will learn your strengths and weaknesses so she can help you find the right company and the right job to get you going on the right path. You save time because you’ve got an ally combing through the options on your behalf.

  1. Location, location, location.

Rather than a search for positions and criteria an area at a time, a recruiter covers a geographic region. This means that you get the pick of the crop in the place where you want to work!

Feeling restless in your current position? Ready to move forward?

Great! can help. With a great northern California base and nationwide options, we can match you with the next place on your personal map. Start by looking at our current openings and then contact us today.

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