The Hole in Your Workplace Security? Don’t Look Any Further Than Your Internal Team


With the news stream filled with allegations of state sponsored hacking groups from several foreign nations, Wikileaks, and gang-style hacking groups, is it really any wonder that workplace security has risen to the top of the CEO worry list? A new insightful study released by BakerHostetler offers insight into the greatest vulnerabilities and trends in IT Security.

Issues and Numbers

If you’re looking for your greatest security weakness, it’s sometimes hanging out by the office breakroom.  The people in your organization pose the greatest threat and easiest way into your data. In the study, 43 percent of the incidents reported involved phishing, hacking, or malware. Of these, 25 percent were phishing, and 23 percent involved ransomware. Interestingly, around one third of the troubles could be traced directly back to an employee error.

Troubling numbers emerged in regards to resolution. The average number of days to discover was high at 61, or just around 2 months. That’s a lot of time for someone with ill intent to gather useful information. It took an average of eight days to contain the issue, with a forensics analysis of 40 days and a days to notification average of 41. Healthcare suffered the most, far and wide, reporting 35 percent of the studied incidents, but credit card networks continue to be a huge risk to merchants.

So what can you do to minimize risk from a human’s accidental click?

  1. Focus on phishing. Train employees on the current risks and the real-world value of the data they interact with. Teach them using fake phishing emails and test them periodically.
  2. Don’t forget the paper. Have employees trained on proper paper management, including being on the lookout for excessive printing and screenshots with mobile devices.
  3. Be sure you have the basics covered. Make sure you don’t overlook the easy stuff: Password security, badge control, multifactor verification, software patches, etc.
  4. Manage those vendors. More people with access to your digital assets means a security weakness. Monitor and manage them like you would your own employees and beyond.

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