STUDY: 5 of the Top 20 Paying Markets for Cyber Security Engineers Are in California!


You love the work and the challenges it brings to your desk every day. You really like your co-workers, too; together, you’ve built a strong team that accomplishes much. Those are great reasons to login everyday, but let’s not forget how important a nice paycheck is. You also want to maximize the return on the hours you spend in front of various screens. If you’re looking for the right location to accomplish that, look no further than the state of California.

According to a recent salary survey released, five of the top 20 paying markets for Cyber Security Engineers call California home.

Los Angeles

Sunny, star-studded LA has a fair amount to offer the IT set, apart from the chance to bump into a Hollywood A-lister in the local restaurants. Salaries in this part of California are quite competitive due to the nature of the business located there. Starting salaries for Cyber Security Engineers in the Los Angeles area bring six figures at around $110,000 and a senior level professional can earn around $140,000 on average.

Orange County

There’s more to the Orange County area than just Disneyland and roller coasters; it’s a cross-cultural paradise of scenic views and preserved vintage postcard inspiring towns offering adventure for those IT folks who live there. Professionals in Cyber Security Engineering in Orange County will start just higher than $100,000. Even better, those with advanced experience bring in nearly $145,000 on average.


If you think redwoods and old west when you think about California, Sacramento is a perfect spot to land — but it bubbles up even more with its growing arts community of music, theatre, and visual art. Nestled in the central valley region and politically influential, Sacramento offers a different, less beach-focused option in California. IT professionals in the area around the state capital are raking in an average of $95,000 to start and around $135,000 after several years in the field.

San Diego
With access to sailing, surfing, and sea life, the relaxed atmosphere in San Diego creates world-famous living conditions. The IT industry helps making living that dream possible. In southern California, you can bank approximately $100,000 when you start your career in Cyber Security Engineering, but that will climb to $135,000 with more expertise.

San Francisco/Bay Area

Arts, beautiful architecture, the Bay, and the Golden Gate, San Francisco bottles the magic elixir of culture, recreation, and serious growth opportunities. It isn’t really all that surprising in the heart of tech country that Cyber Security Engineers are raking in $110,000 to start. Further evidence of the competitive salary market, those senior professionals can earn an average of $150,000 a year.

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