What Criteria Are Startups Looking for in Software Developers?


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If you’ve been used to traditional, established companies’ approach to hiring, you might be surprised at some of the ways startups shake things up. Startups are looking for slightly different criteria when they seek a candidate and evaluate a candidate’s potential.

Who do you know who might be looking?

According to a survey released by Coding Sans, a software development company, roughly 35 percent of startups rely on referrals and recommendations from their current employees. Another 30 percent rely on professional networking. In this case, making those friends and contacts is critical. If you are interested in going to work for a startup, getting to know the business needs and making connections who know your strengths and can speak about the assets you bring to a team is a great way into the company.

It’s about the work experience and cultural fit.

When survey respondents were asked about what their top hiring criteria were, they overwhelmingly answered “work experience” to the tune of a whopping 69 percent. Closely following, however, “cultural fit” got checks in 60 percent of the boxes. Less than six percent said they cared about the candidate having a degree. This might be easily explained in a couple of ways. The teams in startups are small; leaders need to maximize the experience and knowledge on them, but at the same time, if one person has the team walking on egg shells and pitching donuts over the cube walls just to keep the peace, this can greatly diminish team effectiveness.

Startups offer challenges and opportunities to make a mark in a field. Variety, complex issues, strong teams: These things make the lure of a startup so appealing to so many. If you’re looking to make the jump, get out and mingle. Take a few lunches with the folks around you so you can get to know each other’s work history and skill sets. You’re also going to want to focus your resume on your work experience and highlight your fit into the company’s culture to connect the dots for the interviewer.

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