Job Search Timing Is Always Bad – How to Stop Using It as an Excuse


You’re not 100 percent happy. You’re not even 50 percent happy. So when are you leaving this position? We’re going to help you take down the top excuses for staying.

1. My personal life is so messy.

Maybe you just had a baby, or got married, or bought a new house, or traded in your old car… life happens. In fact, life keeps happening, hopefully, for many, many years. The alternatives aren’t pretty. The odds of you having a long stretch without some changes or waves in your personal life aren’t good. Alternatively, sometimes a simple change in your employment situation will actually iron out some of the other wrinkles in your personal life. Perhaps, instead of waiting for the right time, you set the criteria and wait for the right opportunity to arise?

2. There’s this really big project and another behind it; I’d hate to stick everyone with all that work.

Your work ethic and commitment to your teammates makes you a great employee. Let’s take 10 steps back, though. Who do you really owe that kind of commitment to? Is the company going to make sure you can meet your life goals? Maybe, you really owe it to yourself to make sure your happiness is important. If you’re sacrificing your happiness to meet the company’s needs, it’s time to make some changes.

3. It’s not bad enough to defeat my inner introvert.

The networking, the interviewing, the people-ing under a microscope, no one loves it. What if that perfect job was just listed and you missed it because you were worried about eight hours of your life? Not a good trade-off. Instead, start practicing. Catch up on some current memes and trending topics for networking. Brush off those interviewing skills and see if there is anything new you need to think about. The benefits of the time you spend networking and interviewing pay huge dividends.

4. I’m just outrageously busy, too busy, so very, very busy.

You have 24 hours in day. You can either use them being less than fulfilled in a job or you can use them to find a job that makes you happy. The choice is all about priorities. If you don’t change your priorities, you will always be too busy. Make your job search a priority and rewards will follow.

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