Is It Possible to Hire a Project Manager Quickly?


Maybe the project just popped up or the situation hectic enough to make you realize you are short-staffed, regardless, you need a project manager, quickly, to get and keep the project moving. Is that even possible?

Honestly, not easily.

It’s hard. This is the time to call a recruiter to make sure you have fleshed out what you need. Beyond that, a recruiter will have an already vetted list of good candidates on file and ready to go. When time is not on your side, it is critical to make the path as short and comprehensive as possible.

What skills are needed?

Create a sketch of this person. Do you need a more technically focused project manager? Are they going to be just more functional? What types of communication and other soft skills will this person require? The more details you can provide, the greater your likelihood of success.

What’s the real role?

Next, figure out what type of project manager you need based on the project load. Are they going to be answering upper management and client questions? Will they need to roll up their sleeves daily and solve problems? Are they going to work as a functional extra manager in a department until the project is complete, including payroll and other personnel duties?

Does someone already know someone?

Utilize those referrals. Talk to people and ask for good candidates. Really dig deep and give the person you are talking to the full picture and see if they can come up with anyone looking or new to market who will fulfill your needs.

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