Are You Looking for a Job in the Gig Economy?


When your parents’ parents went to school, they expected to graduate and get a job, work that job for 30 years and retire. The new economy doesn’t work that way as often as it used to. With the advent of internet connections, positions with companies are increasingly project or task oriented. It’s called the gig economy, and it actually offers many perks beyond the risky nature of being locked into a job.

If you are working on work and not working at a job, it doesn’t matter where, when nor how you are desking. These positions offer alternative hours, flexible locations, and almost limitless options for how you get the work done. The further work is separated from a specific job, the more teams are arranged in nebulous and interrelated structures. These may be a web of part-time jobs with different organizations. Full-time positions with companies are a vanishing breed since the job creation rate fell under 2 percent in 2015. These flexible gigs allow you to stack more than one and create your own day.

Job growth in flexible and alternative work arrangements makes up almost all the growth in job creation. Young businesses aren’t looking to add the most expensive asset — full-time employees — to their bottom lines. Instead, they are focusing on creating many small task-driven positions that whencombined make the sum of the work that needs to be accomplished. The workload hasn’t really disappeared (there’s plenty of code to be written and plenty of bugs to be patched, and don’t even get started thinking about apps), but the amount of full-time programmers has dwindled, even as there are more freelance coders.

It also appears people in the gig economy are more engaged than people in full-time jobs. That’s a pretty simple thing to unravel. If you are freelancing, you get to choose your direction and have more control over your schedule, location and skills. Thus, you match them up more with your interests. Also, you have more control over your work/life balance.

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