How Can Your Skills Embrace the Hybrid IT Trend?


Some CEOs have remained skittish of the cloud due to security risks. From hacking to net neutrality, you can kind of see their point. One solution to address these worries is the hybrid cloud, a combination of cloud services through a known platform like Amazon Web Services and a local platform built specifically for the company. These two platforms operate independently of each other, but they communicate through encryption, so data is still portable. How can you take advantage of this trend?

Be Versatile

Understand the content on the cloud and the local content. You’ll have to master both sides because they function independently, basically as two systems. You’re going to be running a platform in the cloud and a platform on the ground. Get familiar with what content is where and how it all interrelates.

Multiple Vendors

You’re going to need to be able to talk vendors’ speak. Amazon, Google and Joyent Compute are essential for your cloud side. NemakiWare and Joyent SmartDataCenter are handy on the local side. You’re going to need to be able to translate back and forth between two vendors and switch vendors if necessary. These skills translate onto your resume in the form of flexibility and breadth, so you will really reap rewards from them.

Keep Certs Current

The cloud changes quickly. Cloud providers are always having to make changes to the platform to keep it fresh and keep up with evolutions in processing and security. The same is true of encryption and local processing. You will need to stay in front of these trends, making sure all of your certifications can prove your expertise.

Work With a Top IT Recruiter in San Francisco

With all of the challenges our technology arch has provided, hybrid cloud computing is one answer. It’s a good place for you to focus your skills and develop more skills. You can grow with the model, making yourself very appealing to future employers. Contact Consultant Specialists, Inc. and one of our skilled team members will help you match your current skills to opportunities with more growth potential.


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