How Does an IT Job Candidate Include Soft Skills on a Resume?


Since they are hard to quantify because they are edgeless and frequently not measured on a scale, fitting soft skills into a rigid resume can be tricky. It’s increasingly critical to companies HR departments, however, that you can demonstrate those necessary skills in a job setting. Here are some tips for making that leap on your resume and to augmenting your outstanding tech skills and knocking it out of the park.

What are your best soft skills?

Can you make Mary in accounting really understand what Sam in coding is facing? Are you glue that holds together the motley crew at the working lunch? Are you the ace to see the forest when everyone else only sees trees? When the client asks the team to turn at light speed, are you the guy who pivots first? How easy is it for you to unravel the threads and come up with the answer? After looking at all the possible soft skills you have, focus on highlighting your strongest skills.

Spend some time on this.

You’re going to get the best result if you polish this up so the person reviewing your resume can easily see what you offer. Define each of the skills by giving a lot of thought to each description. These skills deserve the same amount of attention as you would give your coding skills; approach soft skills with the same precision and interest you would use in covering your experience in Java or SQL.

Connect the dots.

Showing makes believing easier, and it will build confidence in the rest of your resume. Don’t just leave it with a simple list; but offer up an example. Show a situation where you were called on to make use of your skill(s) and walk the reader through the situation. Show the problem, the thought process/ actions you took, and the solution. Spend a little time focusing on the positive outcome of the situation. From issue to completion, work to make the skill shine in your resume narrative.

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