5 Careers to Pursue in Clinical Informatics


In the age of information technology and big data, clinical informatics evolved to utilize the bevvy of information ready at the touch of a button to improve quality of life and patient outcomes. Clinical informatics blends technology and data management with frontline care in an exciting new field. Here are five careers in clinical informatics.


Dietetics is evolving as we now have so much more information at our fingertips — about the food we eat and the diseases we fight. When you combine the two, informatics gives so many opportunities to shake the data and better manage the patterns that emerge. This field is rich in data, leading to greater opportunities to make better outcomes for the client.


Managing the technical nomenclature of pharma and the demands of dispensing, clinical informatics in pharmacy requires the detail skills and understanding of patients of a pharmacist and the programming understanding of machines from point of sale endpoints to dispensing robots. This is an exciting area of growth for those who can match their industry specifics with the necessary software infrastructures.


Combining patient care and informatics concepts and tools, this recognized subset of clinical informatics builds communication systems (often apps) to improve patient care with better capturing the data between a clinician and the patient. Also, in this specialty, professionals tap into emerging technology to enhance patient care. These enhancements lead to emerging technology and system changes to improve outcomes. Often called Informaticians, physicians in this field can expect stacks of opportunities.


Informatics nurses help evaluate technology, often selecting based on end-user design and requirements, managing functionality of technology, and delivering training. These folks focus on patient care and clinical needs to drive better communication and improved prognosis. This path is perfect if you have a background in nursing.


Clinical or Health Informatics integrates information technology and healthcare settings. This is the sector that merges the goals of patients and their care providers with all of the data and technology so that the best resources are provided and all pertinent data and metrics are tracked. Perfect for the people who handle patients as well as for those who manage care, this field will continue to grow.

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