3 Ways to Become an Attractive Project Manager Candidate


Project managers provide critical guidance, direction, and structure so that companies can meet their project goals. With this role’s importance and visibility, impressing all the right decision makers makes the critical difference in landing the job. So, how do you draw that neon flashing arrow to yourself and capture their attention? Here are three ways to sway the hiring team.

1. Emphasize your portfolio of past work.

You can talk about your skills, and you should, but back that up with a good portfolio – one that is filled with examples of similar projects to the job and challenges that showcase your management abilities. Seeing is believing: You’re sure to be remembered if you can give them something concrete to tie to your resume and your name. Walk them through a project or two and be prepared to start with an elevator speech and executive-level summary, but also have some of the fine details prepped and ready to go.

2. Show your above-par communication skills, especially with different personalities.

Remember that one brilliant engineer who used Einstein’s simple code for dressing as a role model? Or the one programmer who worked as hard as he played based on his desk littered with mountain climbing pictures? Show the team that you can manage both of them by talking about the ways you manage diverse communication — maybe you managed the engineer who likes the routine and simplicity of wearing the same outfit everyday (worked for Albert)  by building in routine check-ins: Perhaps you managed the life full-throttle programmer by appealing to his love of a challenge and giving him the hardest problems and tightest deadlines. Regardless of the stories you can tell, make sure you reflect your array of communication skills in a positive, but thorough, example-driven way.

3. Timeline, Schmimeline… deadlines and details are your thing.

Don’t expect them to believe that you’re the person who’s going to meet and exceed on the deadlines and details in question. Everyone will tell them that. Instead, go in armed with detailed explanations and examples of times when you hit the goals. Show them the level of nuance that you can manage while simultaneously keeping an eye on the calendar while you walk them through the projects that will leave them awestruck.

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