What Does a Candidate-Driven Market Mean for IT Job Candidates?


While IT has paid well for some time, it seems that things are only going to continue up for the career sector. In a recent survey of 500 IT hiring managers (Tech Trends: IT Leaders and the Employment Market), roughly 32 percent of those surveyed were willing to offer between 10 and 15 percent more salary to those currently employed in order to attract exceptionally skilled talent.

Companies Are Willing to Pay to Get You

In the competitive IT market, employers are willing to pay more to get top prospects hired. High caliber talent can increase the size of their bank accounts by being willing to wade knee-deep into negotiation. This is especially true in the crucial sector of cyber security, which over 40 percent of the executives surveyed say is their number one concern.

… and to Keep You

Also in this survey, the respondents say they would be willing to pay more to keep a top shelf team member. It’s a good thing they are—the market in general is paying 10-15 percent more, which makes a move from one company to another very appealing. For those who are willing to talk with their current employer, they could gain some ground.

But Salary Isn’t Everything.

If a jump in salary isn’t in the budget just yet, remember there are other factors that can make or break a move. From simple additions like decking out the employee break room or letting employees scoot out an hour early on summer Friday afternoons to bigger changes like more flexibility in workspaces and providing greater childcare opportunities, work/life balance has become a driving component in decision making when the most desirable talent is considering a position. This is a place where companies can often offer greater compromise.

So what does a hot IT job market mean for you? More flexibility in getting your needs met, either through salary or through work/life balancing factors. Consultant Specialists, Inc. knows our contractors are in high demand. We work with you and the company to broker the best wins for everyone. Interested in seeing what we can help you negotiate? Contact us to get started.

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