Changes Coming to the Remote Workforce {STUDY}


In the Dell and Intel Future-Ready Workforce Study U.S. released in the third quarter 2016, trends emerged regarding technology and the workforce’s expectations. From results about artificial intelligence to questions about lag time tolerance, the study offered many insights. Of particular interest were the insights into remote workforce pertaining to generational shifts that are filtering through the workforce; some are definite things to keep in mind. We’ll highlight a few.

The Current Barometer

Of the respondents, 75 percent were comfortable working remotely. Related topics show the flexibility in workplace setting – either in an office or somewhere else – was viewed as beneficial because it allowed them to get more done and have greater work/life balance. With twice as many millennials as Gen-X members saying that face-to-face communication will be made obsolete through technology, and accordingly, more than 75 percent of those polled were willing to embrace virtual reality/augmented reality and see how it could be useful in future productivity.

Your Tech Better Be Up-To-Date

One of the more surprising takeaways from this study, two out of five millennials say they would leave their jobs if the technology was poor, and some might not take the job in the first place. With over 70 percent expecting smart offices where they can fully employ the Internet of Things, the IoT should be working well because almost half of millennials say that glitchy tech is a huge nuisance and time waster—that’s more than the generations before them.

Fearing or Loving AI Depends…

Younger workers tend to embrace AI as a solution to getting those pesky repetitive tasks out of the way so they can focus on the bigger stuff. Older workers fear losing jobs to AI, like manufacturing jobs were lost to automation. With digital tools, workers could find it easier to connect; however also growing with the ease of connection is anxiety about device security, with over half of respondents saying it is their number one concern.

All in all, the biggest thing to remember from this study is while office culture is alive and well, it is shape shifting into a beehive, where each remote location can still offer value, and GPS coordinates are no longer a limitation. Whether you’re ready to continue your move into the remote workforce or into the office culture, Consultant Specialists, Inc. can help you find the perfect fit. Search our array of opportunities and then contact us.


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