3 Ways to Make Remote Workers Feel Like Part of the Team


As the workforce changes and begins to work less from the traditional office and more from locations that are less traditional, managers face a challenge in making employees feel like that are part of the team. How do you get Bob in Buffalo and Ned in Newark to feel like they are working on the same thing with the same goals and that they are both appreciated?

Think About Meetings

Meetings are an easy way to either gain or lose connection with employees. If you include your remote employees, it makes them feel like their opinion is valuable and they aren’t forgotten. The opposite is true, as well. Forget to invite them and they feel unheard and unseen. Make a conscious effort to make it easy for them to join meetings. Utilize all the technology at your disposal so that they can easily call in.

Make Sure They Know They Are Doing Well

One of the things that can make your employees feel left out is the normal everyday praises that reach the teammates around the water cooler aren’t getting to them. Take a little time and drop an email noting their contribution to the team, both directly to them and to the rest of the team. Set up incentive and recognition programs to reward team members. Small things can go a long way here, especially when they aren’t directly there with the team. It shows them they aren’t forgotten.

Make Sure Responsibilities Are Met

Hold them accountable for their end of projects and check in with them to make sure they know you are noticing what they are doing. If they are struggling, offer to help. You can go a long way by being interested in their career development. Offer them classes and opportunities to take on new projects for their growth.

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