Are TED Talks Worthwhile for Your Career?


You’ve likely watched a TED talk or at least heard of them, but can TED make you better in your professional life? With so much cutting-edge and interesting research available for material, the answer is a loud “yes.” Whether you’re looking for specific information on the secrets to a great wardrobe or ways to maximize your work/life balance, there are so many excellent TED talks available. Here are five talks that are particularly useful for moving your career and your entire professional life forward:

1. David Grady:How to Save the World (or at Least Yourself) from Bad Meetings

Meetings take up an enormous amount of time. Sometimes, a large part of the time spent in meetings is spent rehashing a settled matter or getting lost in a sea of off-topic items. So many bad meetings happen in the course of a year, but do people really know how to prevent making them? This TED talk offers some concrete solutions to making your meeting more effective and making better use of the time that you have.

2. Regina Hartley: Why the Best Hire Might Not Have the Perfect Resume

It happens; there are two very qualified candidates in front of you, but one has a great education from the places with the best reputation and the other worked through state school. Who do you choose? Hartley explains why the best candidate may be the one who has experienced adversity and has the grit to get up and go on when the going gets tough.

3.Eric Berlow: How Complexity Leads to Simplicity

As an ecologist, Berlow often faces complex systems that others would find overwhelming. But more information can, in fact, actually lead to a simple solution if you’re armed with the tips and tricks for breaking down complex systems. Using a giant infographic, he shows you how to approach big data issues.<

4. Julian Treasure: 5 Ways to Listen Better

Communication is power from web development to public relations. Listening is the backbone of communicating effectively. The data says we are losing our ability to do that effectively. Treasure offers up five easy exercises to recapture some good listening skills.

5. Tom Wujec: Got a Wicked Problem? First, Tell Me How You Make Toast

Visualization has long been a psychological concept worth understanding. If you encounter a bigger, more difficult problem, breaking it down into manageable, working parts can help you solve the problem. He offers a three-step process to draw, organize and refine issues until you end up with patterns that lead to meaningful solutions.

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