How to Overcome These Job Search Scenarios in Your Next IT Interview


Sometimes when you interview, you leave and head straight for the park, basking in the sunshine and the smell of flowers. Sometimes when you interview, you leave and look for ice cream, a can to kick and the shadow of a looming building in which to brood. What if I told you that you could mitigate or prevent the second scenario with a few interviewing tactics? You can overcome a sticky moment in the middle of your interview and turn it into a chance to land the job.


You knew the answer yesterday, but now you can’t remember that tiny piece of information. Winning quarterbacks don’t panic if they drop one pass; they take a time out and regroup. You can, too. It’s fair to say, “My nerves are interfering with me at the moment, would you mind if we revisit this question in a couple of minutes?” and take a deep breath and concentrate on relaxing. A tense mind won’t help you remember.

They Keep Poking Your Non-disclosure.

You know you can’t talk about the details there, so keep trying to steer them back to the position on the table. Ask relevant questions and focus on your future performance.

They Ask About Skills You Don’t Have.

Honesty and transparency never go out of vogue; this a chance to show your potential employer you can admit you don’t know everything. Never, ever lie about having skills you don’t actually have, especially coding because it’s easy to catch by asking for a demonstration.

Oh No—That Thing Is Going to Show on the Background Check!

The single best way to negate a negative on the background check is to talk about it beforehand. Surprises are fun at the holidays, but not when an employer runs a check and finds something you didn’t disclose. Explain the situation and how you’ve grown or changed in very brief detail. They don’t need to know you were hanging with your friends and not paying attention to how long it had been since that last drink before you drove home. Just a simple, “I miscalculated made a mistake I don’t plan on making again.” will do.

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