Make Yourself an Attractive Candidate for a Remote Position


The idea of being able to take 8 a.m. meetings while watching waves lapping the sand from inside your air conditioned office appeals to you, but Sioux Falls is known more for its rolling hills and snowy winters than sandy shores. Remote positions are the stuff of travel brochure dreams for many in the technology field. They provide a safe and interesting option to step away from the normal company location and still work with the right team. How do you convince your boss that you are a good candidate to work from the office in Maui when your team is based in South Dakota?

Show how you are organized.

You can’t be expected to stay on top of the day-to-day grind if you can’t even find yesterday’s meeting minutes in the trillion folders on your desktop. Step up to the challenge and show your boss how you can organize yourself to manage all of the potential distractions that would or could occur in a non-centralized workspace. Take good notes and stay on top of deadlines more than average.  Being proactive in this area shows your boss that you know what it takes for you to be successful on your own and that you won’t be coming up with a process after becoming a remote employee.

Show that you have the skills to be your own boss.

If you’re working remotely, there’s no boss to check the time clock when you show up to or leave from the office. You’re also going to have to be responsible enough to organize your own workload, at least in part. Start putting your best foot forward with managing your own time and recognizing the priorities that fall under your control before your boss can… beating it to the punch will make a good impression.

Show how you will keep in touch with your team and make contributions.

You may be working on an island, but you are still not an island yourself. Your team needs you just as much as when you were one windowless cubicle away. Start working with remote enabled technology to foster communication, such as your classics inter-company IM chat, to show that you can work without face-to-face meetings. Also, it’s the time to start showing how you can improve the team and reach goals without direct contact supervision. Highlight the times you’ve been setting your own pace without ignoring team needs for those in charge.

Flexibility is one of the greatest gifts of working remotely. Consultant Specialists can help you find the right position with a balance of flexibility and responsibility. Take a look at our IT job listings and contact us for more information on working with a top IT recruiter in San Francisco.

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