What Are the Most Lucrative Technology Jobs?


Information technology has a reputation for big paychecks, but some positions in the field are more financially rewarding than others. Three of these technology jobs stand out from the rest of the sector.

Big Data Engineers ($129K-$183K)

Part scientist and part engineer, these IT employees are the go-to people for quickly wrangling data from various locations and producing thorough analysis. Sometimes, they look like magicians because they transform the data they’ve pulled out of their hats into different forms, all the while making good utilization of things like MapReduce and machine learning. If you can warehouse and manipulate vast amounts of information, this tool set will reflect vast amounts of digits on your paycheck.
Keywords: data collection, data warehousing, data analysis, and data transformation
ETL Tools, SQL expertise, data modeling, Cassandra, Statistical analysis software, Machine learning

Mobile App Developer ($115K-$175K)

Somewhere between gadget oriented gamer, programmer, and artist lies the mobile app developer. These virtuosos manage to turn code into the friendly end user experience that we all crave. If you can make delightful Java on a mobile device so all different generations and mobile device users can enjoy the mobile app, then you can be successful in this position.
Keywords: Mobile, data structuring, system design, and programming
Skills: Java, C++, Oracle, mobile device

Data Security Analyst ($113K-$160K)

They must be able to straddle the line between keeping their technology breach free and having to tread in the criminal mind.  For your ability to see what others might miss, there are big figure payoffs. A data security analyst stays on the cutting edge to stay in front of the bad guys. With the current trend of cyber espionage and corporate enemies, this is a quickly expanding field with good job security, but also a lot of responsibility and some stress; you will need to enjoy a challenge and moving quickly, but deliberately.
Keywords: networking, user management, software maintenance, cutting edge
Skills: Various languages, CCIS certification, programming, system analysis, and telecommunications.

All three of these fields are expected to continue to grow in 2017. If you’re ready to explore these fields or many others, search the Consultant Specialists job openings.  As the leader in IT recruitment in San Francisco, Consultant Specialists can help you with reaching your next career evolution.

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