5 Programming Languages to Know Now


The year is winding down, and it’s time to make sure you’re on track for continue moving up the programming team roster. Here are five essential languages to get you off the bench and onto the field.

1. SQL

Spanning industries as diverse as the spread from large corporations to small nonprofits and everything in between, SQL glues technology together in a way that makes it the duct tape of coding. There are lots of options to choose from with MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL. With everything from smartphone technology to Dropbox utilizing this platform, this language is essential.

2. Java

There’s a reason the developers of this language referenced our morning jolt of startup juice. This language has been launching websites and apps for 20 years. With its approach to readability, simplicity and backwards compatibility, the long-term staying power of this language makes it a favorite of companies like LinkedIn, Netflix and Amazon.

3. Javascript

Don’t confuse this with Java; this popular coding language makes the internet an interactive space by adding effects to web design. Designers use this for many games and those pop-up messages that we all love. Since this is built in to all major web browsers, it’s essential to a hefty toolkit.

4. C#

C-sharp is a newer programming language that Microsoft created for wide-ranging enterprise, .NET framework applications. It’s the next outgrowth of C and C++, with a simple, modern, type safe and object-oriented approach.

5. Python

Not named for a giant snake, but rather for the British comedy group and pop culture icon, Monty Python, this language offers simple and incredibly readable code since it resembles the English language. Introductory programming courses are choosing this over Java to welcome students to coding. Education and libraries heavily use it, making it a top choice of PBS, NASA and Reddit for their websites. If you want to move your career toward research, master this skill.

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