Did You Know Employee Experience Matters as Much as Customer Experience?


We are so well trained by marketers and branding experts to think about our customer experience from the signs in the parking lot all the way through to the packaging which greets the person at the other end, but have you stopped to think about your employee experience recently?

Employee satisfaction drives, in a large part, the customer experience. It reduces costs due to reducing the amount of time and money lost retraining individuals who leave the company, and also to reducing the number of issues the consumer faces that have to be rectified. The math of greater employee satisfaction shows itself.

Harder to fully grasp, happy employees make great brand ambassadors, and happiness is contagious. Engaged employees become employees who reach out to clients and prevent mistakes. Employees who are motivated to do their best also solve small problems before they become big emergencies.

How can you make it the better employee experience at your company?

Keep the people you have learning

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to boost employee morale and loyalty is simple: Expand your employee’s skill set by letting them stretch outside the usual role and learn something new. This investment into the person pays off big time, according to Entrepreneur magazine. Letting the team member explore interests beyond the confines of the regular job description increases engagement and rejuvenates creativity and drive.

Hire the diamond in the rough

Sometimes something as simple as taking a chance on an unlikely candidate can reap huge rewards for a company. If you take the time to listen to a potential hire’s story and learn the motivation behind the application, you can see the mother, father, son, daughter, wonderful person sitting in front of you. These types of motivated employees are often just looking for a break. They are the ones who will send you the letter that has much in common with the letter from the very satisfied customer, filled with examples of how you changed their lives, and flowering gratitude. These types of experiences breed the greatest loyalty and infuse the team with a renewed sense of purpose, just like those of the very satisfied customer letter that you post on the team wall.

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