How Much Do You Know about the Latest IT Trends?


We’re halfway through 2016; have you stayed on top of the tech trends vocabulary? If you’ve missed the latest developments, let’s catch up on some of them below.

1. Device Mesh and Ambient User Experience

You brush your teeth while listening to last night’s Jimmy Fallon on Alexa. When you leave, you lock the door with a digital key and then use an app to double check your bank balance. You check your Fitbit and see exactly how long you slept. This wrap of information surrounds us and connects us in more and more constant ways, often subtly blending into the surrounding noise. Expect to see more digital wearable and appliance technology.

One of the coolest parts of this integration is that we are expecting it. Fewer people are surprised with how the Internet of Things is able to connect a number of devices together and provide large amounts of data.

2. 3D Printing Materials

3D printing involves the customer and allows for more customization in the design and printing phases. That increase in customization allows for companies to meet the needs and desires of their customers, or even their potential customers. While it’s more of an additive manufacturing process, the technology enabled that process to be realized.

3. Information of Everything

That’s what we can call almost four devices for every one of the 7 billion people on this planet generating information. It’s not uncommon for a person to have a mobile device and travel with their tablet while wearing a fitness tracker… and that’s only three devices!

4, Advanced Machine Learning and Autonomous Agents

With the information of everything floating around in cyberspace, brilliant programmers are training machines to do the work that humans used to do, the initial separation into meaningful and less meaningful data. More and more of these machines are acting of their own accord; most famously, self-driving cars have been spotlighted.

The overriding trend in tech arches toward more humanlike, integrated, and complete surrounding with information. Never in human history have we needed more human brain power to manage all of these trends. We here at Consultant Specialists, Inc. could use yours. Why not contact us about connecting you to our cutting-edge clients?

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