Mid-Year Check-In: Are You Up to Date on Healthcare IT Trends for 2017


We’ve made it through the first two quarters of 2017, including some rapid changes and one total eclipse across the U.S. By this point in the year, you’re running the drills to get to the big finish at the end of the year, but have you taken a few minutes to glance at the clipboard and make sure you’re working toward the right end zone? Here’s a quick guide to help you.


Portable EHR/Empowered Consumers

As the primary care provider, base shifts to greater use of nurse specialists to accommodate the shortage of MD generalists (and as more general/family practice MDs are recruited), healthcare records have seemed stuck in the mud of noncooperation. Coming back on the field for the second half of 2017, expect the development demand to have shifted to more easily shared records and platforms that encourage easy communication. Especially important, patient control and ownership of records comes off the bench, as consumers take ownership of their care.


Cloud Access

The days of waiting on test results from the doctor are disappearing quickly. Apps and smartphone tech aren’t going to stay on the sidelines of the healthcare industry, and that means nesting that data in the cloud. All the traditional paper-based information, like drug interactions and admissions paperwork have been moved or are moving to other formats. The cloud means you can access data from anywhere at any time, and with standardization of this data creates greater connections between patients, providers and payers.



That little FitBit has turned into serious big business. Rather than run information to and from the huddle the old way, providers and patients now manage real-time access to current data, and they can trend, monitor and predict. That’s making emergency treatment give way to setting up the big plays of preventative care; when you can see over two months your heart rate changed during your morning exercise, you have a greater chance to prevent a heart attack rather than just respond during one.


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