Do You Know How Much the Contract Worker Actually Costs?


As companies scale up for big projects and accelerated deadlines, many find they have less time and fewer dollars to allocate to extensive HR functions in the tight crunch. Contracting staffing companies and recruiters are often asked to fill this void because they offer expertise in both the field and in finding qualified candidates under the pressures of calendars and budget. Have you ever taken a moment to consider the cost of filling these positions?

Creating the Candidate Pool

Generating a candidate pool allows companies to choose a great candidate. While it may seem like these just happen, much time behind the scenes is dedicated to curating the best pool. Many individual resumes are reviewed and many phone calls and interviews are made to secure the best options before a company even sees a decent list. Candidates are vetted and reviewed for more than just the necessary skills for the position; they are checked for fit, availability and capacity. Here is one of the places where consulting firms can help. Consulting firms often use a net that covers a wider geographic area than a company can provide for itself and can use many experienced staff members’ talents to make an appropriate pool.

Shifting Through the Candidate Pool

Once the pool is generated, time and money are spent further ranking the candidates until it’s down to just the right one. This means further pouring through the resumes and actually spending time for the team to conduct phone and in person interviews, plus all the follow-up with candidates this requires. Consulting firms are a good resource here as well; they will do much of the upfront work and the follow-up work, limiting the interviewing to just the most critical part of the hiring experience.

And Now the Actual Project

Once the right consultant is found and secured, how much money of the project budget was absorbed by the time spent? Did the project soak the salaries of the personnel involved in the process? Was it beneficial in keeping the project under budget and on-time? Recruiters specializing in consultants are often contracted for set amounts based on the terms of the placement. This budget control can play a huge role when you look at overall project budget and meeting deadlines.

Thought about how much of your internal resources would be tied up in finding the help you need? Decided that you would like to see what other options are available? Contact Consultant Specialists, Inc. and put us to work meeting your next project deadline.


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