Considering a Career in Contract Work? Here’s What You Need to Know


If you’re looking for variety and new challenges, no other type of work is as guaranteed to deliver them as contract work. By its varied nature, contract work creates skills and experiences that other types of work can’t, but it also means you need to approach your skill set and the job search a little differently.

Your Contract = A Business

You’re not just an employee. You’re running a contract business where the product you are offering is your skill set. Making your team’s project a raging success is not just good for the company employing you, it’s also good for building your reputation and adding to your own company bottom line. You need to keep tabs on tax issues and watch your deductions, too. Consume company resources with the same consciousness you would your own.

You’ll Need an Awesome Online Brand

Take the time to spiff up your LinkedIn profile and manage it with loving attention. Also, be sure you’re utilizing all the options available for personal brand building by writing articles and contributing to forums. This brand will carry you into good role after good role.

Build Your Assets One Skill at a Time

Don’t get stuck with only one trick up your sleeve; in order to be a sought-after magician, you’ve got to keep your skills up-to-date and work strenuously to stay out in front of the coming tech changes. Set yourself up for the big win.

Create an Organization Strategy

You will want to have a strategy for how to manage all the facets of your employment. An organization strategy makes it easier to keep up with making all the steps to reach your goals both inside a current assignment and the bigger picture across many assignments.

Learn How to Communicate With Anyone

You’ll never go wrong with the ability to communicate across layers of a company. From making friends with the department admin to being able to brief the vice president, communication skills are essential to getting your job done and done well. Remember, all those people can also be essential to landing your next contract.

Prepare for the Unexpected Time

Contracts aren’t made and executed overnight. You have to prepare for some lag time between assignments. Use this time to build your brand and your skills, and it will be time well spent.

Contract work appeals to people who want a less conventional professional life where each assignment brings new challenges and new faces. Reach out to Consultant Specialists, Inc. when you are ready to make your next move. Search our current listings.




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