What Questions Should You Be Asking a Contract Worker?


No matter what your reason for hiring a contract worker, you want to be sure you get the best person for the open position. So how do you do that? What should you ask during the interview to make sure it’s a good fit?


First and foremost, you want to make sure the candidate has the skills to actually do the work. If you have a complete and thorough job description, you have a better shot at making sure all the skills necessary for the position are represented so you can gauge a good match. Look for certifications and specific languages needed.


It is completely fair to ask a candidate to provide examples of their work. You can ask them to complete simple coding tasks or for completed sample projects. Don’t hesitate to have another team member help examine the fit here; after all, it is about how the work fits into the big picture.

Remote Work

Evaluate the answers the candidate has about working remotely. Are they enjoying it? Do they have a specific plan for how to manage their time and work? Get to the root of how the candidate utilizes skills for successful remote work. How comfortable are they with remote work?


Once you have evaluated all the other elements and know you have a great candidate in front of you, nail down the timeline for onboarding. It’s not wonderful if you have to hold up a pressured project for eight weeks while you onboard a candidate, but if you have a long-range project and the picture perfect candidate, but all the pieces aren’t in place yet, an eight-week delay may be just right for getting ready.

Now you’re armed with points to consider when selecting your next contract candidate, but if you want to ensure that all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed, Consultant Specialists will ask all of these questions and more. Professional recruiters know how to thoroughly assess a candidate’s fit after they spend the time getting to know your requirements, your culture and your needs. Contact one of our recruiters to start the process.

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